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D-Type technology is a suite of high-performance software libraries for rendering high-quality text and resolution independent scalable 2D graphics. D-Type libraries are written in industry standard C++ and available for any hardware or operating system environment in use today. Available in binary, object and/or source code format, D-Type technology is a perfect choice for software developers seeking a rendering solution that is affordable, modern but mature, reliable, secure, well supported, optimized for speed and packed with features. Learn more about D-Type and the latest 7.5 release.

Standard Suite

D-Type Font Engine

UPDATED: Portable, high-performance and high-quality scalable font engine for smooth (anti-aliased) text with built-in support for TrueType, OpenType, Type 1, Type 3, bare CFF and D-Type fonts. Supports variable and multiple-master font technology, advanced text effects, unique automatic font hinting, fractional character positioning and much more. Suitable for all types of monitors, LCD and TV screens. More about Font Engine...

D-Type Grayscale Rasterizer

A lightning fast rasterizer for sharp and smooth (anti-aliased) vector-based graphics of absolutely amazing quality. Suitable for all types of applications that require superb output quality regardless of the platform, device or resolution. More about Grayscale Rasterizer...

D-Type Direct Color Rasterizer

A unique rasterizer for rendering multi-color RGBA images in a single rasterization pass. Suitable for applications that require very fast and high-quality scalable anti-aliased graphics that feature perfect stitching between adjacent fill areas of different color. More about Direct Color Rasterizer...

D-Type Shading Rasterizer

JUST RELEASED: A special purpose rasterizer for rendering highly realistic scalable vector art. Suitable for applications that require vector graphics of photo-realistic quality. More about Shading Rasterizer...

Power Suite

D-Type PowerDoc Engine

A powerful rendering engine for creating professional, high-quality and resolution independent electronic documents and presentations. Includes all standard suite features plus a number of advanced text, layout, bitmap and document manipulation and rendering capabilities. More about PowerDoc Engine...

Text Suite

D-Type Unicode Text Engine

Powerful, versatile, compact, super fast, feature rich and remarkably simple to use engine to lay out, render and edit high-quality Unicode text on any platform, device or operating system. More about Unicode Text Engine...

D-Type Text Layout Extension

Compact, portable and easy-to-use extension for D-Type Font Engine to lay out Unicode text. The extension supports complex scripts such as Arabic, Indic and Thai and takes care of any special processing rules necessary to shape and lay out those scripts correctly. More about Text Layout Extension...

Applications and Tools

D-Type PowerDoc Editor

A simple yet versatile application for Windows, Mac and Linux that allows developers to construct complex PowerDoc documents or document templates. Documents created using this application can be saved in PowerDoc format or exported to C/C++, VB, VB Script, JScript, ASP or ASP.NET. More about PowerDoc Editor...

D-Type Font Converter

NEW: A tool to convert TrueType, OpenType, Type 1, Type 3 and bare CFF fonts to D-Type format. D-Type fonts are smaller in size and have other advantages over existing commonly used font formats. More about Font Converter...

D-Type VIVO Image Vectorizer

JUST RELEASED: A tool to convert bitmap images to D-Type's VIVO scalable vector format. D-Type VIVO is advanced scalable graphics rendering technology that makes your vector images look like photographs. More about VIVO Image Vectorizer...

More Information

We invite you to download D-Type Evaluation Libraries for Windows, macOS and Linux or contact us for any additional information.