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You can evaluate D-Type software for 30 days. Our rendering engines come with numerous examples and precompiled programs that demonstrate various D-Type features. The examples include full source code, which is designed to help you integrate D-Type into your project(s) quickly and easily.

D-Type ZIP Package For Windows, Mac and Linux

ZIP Package: dtype-general- NEW
Version: (August 2023)
File Size: 168.5 MB

An evaluation version of D-Type for Windows, Mac and Linux. Includes all D-Type engines (as static, shared and dynamic libraries), C/C++ headers, related files and fonts, supporting applications and tools, manuals and API documentation, C/C++ demo examples and precompiled programs. See what's new in D-Type

Note: On macOS Catalina and earlier, when launching D-Type applications & tools (PowerDoc Editor, Font Utility, Font Converter, VIVO Image Vectorizer) or precompiled demo programs for the very first time, you might see a dialog box with the following message: "application_name" cannot be opened because the developer cannot be verified. The dialog box does not seem to provide any way to bypass this restriction, only to cancel the action or move the application to Trash.

To resolve this, go to System Preferences → Security & Privacy → General. At the bottom of the window you should see: "application_name" was blocked from use because it is not from an identified developer. Click the Allow Anyway button and close the window. Launch the desired D-Type program again. You might see the same dialog box once again, but this time it should provide the Open button. Click Open and the application should start. Next time you launch the same program you should not see this dialog box again.

An alternative way to work around this problem is to re-compile all the demo programs yourself using the build scripts provided. You will need a C/C++ compiler (clang) to do this. The build scripts for different platforms and compilers are in the examples-cpp/scripts folder. More information on how to build the demo programs can be found in the corresponding readme.txt files. The whole build process takes less than 15 seconds.