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D-Type PowerDoc For Java
Dynamically generated images with a Java kick


If you are a Web developer looking for a robust server-side rendering solution, then this plugin is for you. D-Type PowerDoc For Java is a server-side rendering component that allows Web site developers to render high-quality dynamic images directly from their Web pages.

D-Type PowerDoc For Java is suitable for rendering and processing text and vector and/or bitmap graphics on the web server and delivering the resulting bitmaps to the web browser as a standard JPEG or PNG image. This component is ideal for dynamic graphics and text generation (e.g. dynamic charts, titles, maps, banner ads) with or without special effects.

D-Type PowerDoc For Java supports an unlimited number of D-Type, OpenType, TrueType, Type 1, Type 3 and bare CFF fonts which developers can access from their JSP pages. The fonts can reside anywhere on the server and do not have to be installed in the system Windows fonts folder.

As with all D-Type engines, the rendering quality and speed is excellent. PowerDoc for Java is actually a specialized version of D-Type PowerDoc Engine which is used to create and render portable, high-quality and resolution-independent documents. Since the technology is server-side, end users do not require any plug-ins or extensions on the client. All that is needed is a web browser capable of displaying JPEG or PNG images.


This entire web site is a demo of D-Type PowerDoc For Java. This is because it uses D-Type PowerDoc For Java to render all of its scalable web graphics. In the near future we will have an interactive online demo here, similar to the one on our PowerDoc For ASP & .NET page.